May The Force Be With You: Introducing Captain Phasma (… And Her Unisex Armour!)


For decades, tight mini skirts, provocative bra tops, barely-there strappy bustiers and second-skin singlets have been embedded within the ‘superheroine’ framework. Let’s face it – female fighters portrayed in most films and television narratives use their knockers as weapons even if their male counterparts have guns. We’ve got Xena from the American-New Zealand television series “Xena, Warrior Princess” with her impractical and overtly sexualised armour, Catwoman’s ability to seduce her victims (Oh, and don’t forget her seemingly-pointless ripped leather pants), and Zula’s teeny tiny spiky costume in “Conan the Destroyer“.

The new Star Wars instalment – “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” – features Game of ThronesGwendoline Christie as the elite storm trooper Captain Phasma who is known for her shiny, unisex armour. In a recently released promo image for the film, Christie is unrecognisable in the gender-neutral version of the standard trooper suit. Indeed, one Facebook user even admitted to finding it difficult to recognise that Christie is in female armour. We can only assume that he was expecting her in “sexy trooper” female armour.

“It’s armour. On a woman. It doesn’t have to look feminine,” the Facebook moderator of “Star Wars” wrote back to the user’s comment. *Slay!* 


In response to the opinion that female warriors should look like ‘ladies’ during a war, E! Writer Jenna Mullins stated:

“No. Captain Phasma doesn’t care if she looks feminine. She cares if she’s protected in the heat of battle. Do you think men should wear armor that makes them look manly i.e. with their dongs hanging out as they run?! It’s totally fine for a woman to look feminine as she fights crime or Rebel scum, but we don’t think the Empire really cares about making sure the ladies look like ladies during a war. And it’s weird if that fact bothers you.”

And, many certainly agree.


Could this be a turning point in female superhero costuming?
(Hmm … Catwoman with a torso shield, possibly?)


Slay, Captain Phasma! Slay!

Photo Sources: Facebook/ Captain Phasma – ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’
Gif Source: Imgur

2 responses to “May The Force Be With You: Introducing Captain Phasma (… And Her Unisex Armour!)

  1. This is the coolest storm trooper armor I’ve seen! and I love the fact that the Star Wars admin mentioned how an armor doesn’t have to look feminine on a women. Now if we can have this kind of thinking in the gaming society as well… I guess one can only hope :/

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