Red Carpet Sexism 101

Do you remember this moment from the 2014 Screen Actors Guild Awards?


Indeed, during the event, Cate Blanchett found herself the victim of one particularly objectifying sweeping camera shot, that aimed to capture her outfit from the hem of her gown to the tip of her hair.

Crouching down to the E! cameraman’s level, she pointed at him and asked: “Do you do that to the guys?”

She was right to ask the question given the broadcaster did not appear to pay half as much attention to any of the male actors who stopped to talk to the presenters on their way into the award ceremony that evening.

Even Mad Men actress Elisabeth Moss showed us what she thought of E!’s equally tasteless new mani-cam‘!


Blanchett and Moss highlight the fact that women in Hollywood continue to be honoured by the media for their appearance ahead of their talents and achievements!

So, does that reflect the view of females in television and film narratives? What are your thoughts?

Gifs: Tumblr

10 responses to “Red Carpet Sexism 101

  1. Mani-cam seriously reminded me of the thumb wrestling cartoon thingy MTV had a couple of years back then. Like how does E! still in business anyway. Literally spitting out useless contents all day all night.

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