Fly Girls: A New Miniseries

Today, while pondering around Twitter, we came across a truly fascinating account that we had to share with you all. The account features a group of talented filmmakers who have developed an unprecedented scripted television miniseries -entitled Fly Girls – about the first American women to fly for the military during World War II – the Women Airforce Service Pilots (alternatively known as the WASP). The miniseries is based on a true story depicting the bravery of women bound by friendship and duty, both to each other, and their country. The sky is not a ‘man’s place’ or a ‘woman’s place’, it’s simply a place for pilots.

The news of this series was applauded by The Reel Woman team as we believe that the portrayal of stories and characters like these are long overdue. You see, spreading awareness of the incredible feats of these women opens up a realm of possibilities not just for adults, but for young girls bombarded by male-orientated films and television shows. Despite numerous theatrical portrayals of male military pilots, Fly Girls marks one of the first television series’ to solely focus on America’s first female military pilots. This begs the question: why has it taken so long? Military films and television narratives are generally associated with male leads (and the objectification of women). We are finally being given the chance to revisit history to explore the lives of the unsung heroes of WWII – the women. Not only will Fly Girls be portraying strong female characters, but it will also be giving a voice to women currently in aviation roles worldwide.

The female production crew behind this incredible concept are to be applauded. Television series’ like these allow us to show younger generations that females do have the ability to become powerful, strong, inspirational citizens in roles typically belonging to men. They allow us to break stereotypes, as film and television roles like these are known to reflect the views of a nation, and consequently change them, too. The early days of military aviation was exclusively for men, but the lack of trained pilots during WWII allowed females the opportunity to show their talents. If the men can do it, then why can’t the females? The same goes for this miniseries!

So, in celebration of Fly Girls’ Twitter party, let us toast to the inspirational and ‘reel’ women of the WASP and their awe-inspiring stories, which are soon to be publicised in this incredible miniseries. We can’t wait to see it!

More information on Fly Girls can be found on their FacebookTwitter and YouTube pages!


5 responses to “Fly Girls: A New Miniseries

  1. Thank you for sharing our project and this important piece of History that is long over-due its Spotlight! Thank you for joining us on Twitter! We will share your blog with our fans!
    -Hilary Prentice FLYGIRLS producer

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