Reel Woman Of The Week: Geena Davis

It’s pretty obvious that Geena Davis is our favourite human. Why, you ask? Not only is she an innovative, award-winning actress but she is the head of the Geena Davis Institute of Gender in Media (the inspiration source of many of our posts!). Last week, the Thelma & Louise actress was part of the third Global Symposium on Gender in Media – and the first outside the US – where she delivered an impassioned speech on gender equality. So, what does this mean? Well, she’s our Reel Woman Of The Week, of course!

ylCM3There’s so many incredible quotes from this inspirational woman, so we thought we’d share a snippet of her speech from the Symposium! Here’s a snippet:

“Give female characters more to do, more to say, greater aspirations …give them more clothes. And don’t listen when people say [gender equality in Hollywood] has been fixed. We need to look to the numbers and make the sweeping changes that need to happen and make them now.Surely in the 21st Century we should be showing kids that boys and girls share the sandbox equally. Let’s not embed a negative image.We are unwittingly training generation after generation to see men and women as unequal. We need to dramatically change the way women are depicted to children aged 11 and under.I’d ask executives about gender inequality and to a person they would say ‘that’s been fixed’.There’s only 17% of women in crowd scenes. I can’t imagine why that is. Perhaps Hollywood writers think women don’t gather!”

Is this not enough? [The answer is no]
Take a look at some of our favourite videos featuring Geena and her wonderful words of wisdom!

Inspired yet?

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3 responses to “Reel Woman Of The Week: Geena Davis

  1. I know she’s been dedicating to stand up for women’s voice but never knew it has been persistent for a while. Although the inequality issue still has a long way to go, more voices will make certain difference in the industry. I am running a gender equality campaign with the new word ‘Mansplaining’ you might be interested in.

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  2. This is a great post about Geena Davis! I am a big fan of her myself and I agree with her stance about gender equality in the filming industry. Sex sells and yes, we know it, but I really wish to see more actresses who are able to express themselves through acting, gain popularity and fame, not because of the lack of clothes they’re wearing. I wish to immerse myself into the emotions and feelings of female characters and the plot. And Geena Davis is at the heart of this movement. She’s #thereelwoman.

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